BeMar Roller Skating

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Be-Mar Associates Inc.

Be-Mar Roller-skating parties are ideal for after school activities and fundraisers! Roller Skating is a very fun and healthy event for children throughout the school year. Be-Mar Roller Skating goes to many schools in New York to create a fun and healthy event.

The Roller Rink That Comes To You:

Be-Mar will arrive at your facility, unload the rollerskates, and be ready to go before the skaters arrive. We distribute the skates, collect the tickets, offer instructions, play games, supervise for safety and clean up afterwards. We even send you free advertising signs with the date, location, time and price of your event. Worried about your floor? Don't be! Be-Mar's skates are specially manufactured for use on all types of surfaces, including gym floors, and won't damage the floor in any way!

Be-Mar RollerSkating